Architectural Conservation and Historic Preservation

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Week 1: Course overview and introduction, heritage conservation- need, debate and purpose; understanding heritage and types of heritage resources, values and significance.Week 2: Significance and value assessment, approaches of conservation.Week 3: Divergent approaches and ethics of conservation; history of conservation movement; concepts and definitions; international agencies like ICCROM, UNESCO and their role in conservation.Week 4: World Heritage Sites, selection criteria, authenticity and integrity, case studies, endangered sites.Week 5: Causes of decay; listing, documentation and assessment of heritage structures, sites and precincts.Week 6: Investigation, state of preservation and preparing conservation report, case studies; guidelines for maintenance and repair.Week 7: Categories, types and issues of heritage precincts, zones and historic areas; planning for heritage districts, towns and cities; selected case studies.Week 8 : Design of new building in historic settings, townscape analysis , visual integration; heritage impact assessment; adaptive reuse of heritage structures ; organisational framework and heritage site management ,financial incentives and planning tools; role of agencies in safeguarding heritage in India ; role of voluntary organisations and community participation; interpretation and presentation of historic sites; heritage tourism; potential and opportunities of heritage conservation.