Architectural Acoustics

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Week 1 : Introduction to Architectural Acoustics and Building Physics: Introduction and historical overview, characteristic and measurement of sound, frequency, intensity, loudness.Week 2 : Room Acoustics and Reverberation:Behaviourof sound in an enclosed space. Concept of reverberation and reverberation timeWeek 3 : Sound Absorption:General description of acoustical materials - acoustical tiles, fiberboard, resonator absorption unit absorber, carpets, acoustical plaster, resilient packing composite materials, etc. Their use, selection criteria and construction.Week 4 : Acoustical Criteria of Space Design:Principle of geometrical acoustics.Design criteria for speech and music, Design of Lecture hall, studio, classroom, church and Cathedral.Week 5 : Design Principles of Auditorium:Different acoustical defects in the auditorium and its solution, acoustical correction design and modification techniques, Design of Auditorium and motion picture hall.Week 6 : Electro- Acoustics & Open-Air Auditorium:Concept and layout of electro acoustical systems.Free field propagation of sound, Open air acoustics. Acoustics and landscape elements.Designfundamentals of open-air theatreWeek 7 : Air & Structure Borne Sound Propagation: Propagation of noise of mechanical operation and impact noise, sound transmission through wall and partition.Week 8 : Environmental Acoustics:Type, measurement of noise, Reduction of noise by Town Planning and Regional Planning consideration.