Appreciating Linguistics: A typological approach

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This course appreciates linguistics as an academic discipline that focuses on the understanding of what is natural language and what does systematicity of language comparison deals with. Following the typological approach, this course investigates both the structure (form) and usage (function) of language. Because of its focus on the issue of language typology, this course deals with the languages of the world in terms of the grammatical features they have in common. This eventually leads to the discussion on language types and their implications. The data from various language families (with a special mention to South Asian Languages) will be examined in the class which will help the participants to understand how various grammatical constructions are realized in different languages. INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any Interested Learners PREREQUISITES: Any bachelor degree



Week 1: Linguistics: Some Fundamental ConceptsWeek 2: What is Language Typology: Form and Function
Week 3: Lexical Typology
Week 4: Morphological Typology
Week 5: Syntactic Typology
Week 6: Phonological Typology
Week 7: Semantic Typology
Week 8: Pragmatic Aspects of Language Typology
Week 9: Typology and Language Change
Week 10: Language Universals and Linguistic Typology
Week 11: Language Universals and Linguistic Typology (Contd.)
Week 12: Drafting Typological Profile of an unfamiliar language with the help of a Reference Grammar