Appreciating Carnatic Music

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Music in IndiaVariety of Music in India – Folk, popular, religious and classical music.

Musical materialThe 12 pitches or swara sthana-sThe scale - natural or just tempered scale as opposed to the equal or even tempered scale.

Raga - the basic melodic facet of Indian musicWhat makes for a raga – swara (note/tone), gamaka (embellishment), pidi (phrase), graha, nyasa, jeeva swaras.Variety of raga-s and their classification. The 72 melakarta schema

Tala - the rhythmic facetConcepts of the avartanam, samam, and eduppuSuladi sapta tala schema

CompositionComposers - the Carnatic trinity and their contribution; before them and after themKinds of composition: Varnam, Kriti, Padam, Javali.Bhakti and Carnatic Music

ImprovisationWhat is the nature of improvisation in Carnatic music; various kinds of improvisation - alapana, neraval, swara prastara and tanam. The RTP - Ragam, Tanam, Pallavi.

Presentation of a Carnatic concert - the meshing of the compositional and improvisational aspects.

Accompaniment - its unique nature in Carnatic music.

Percussive and melodic instruments

Listening to a Carnatic concert - aesthetic and technical aspects.