Apply Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

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  • Week 1: GANs for Data Augmentation and Privacy
    • Learn different applications of GANs, understand the pros/cons of using them for data augmentation, and see how they can improve downstream AI models!
  • Week 2: Image-to-Image Translation with Pix2Pix
    • Understand image-to-image translation, learn about different applications of this framework, and implement a U-Net generator and Pix2Pix, a paired image-to-image translation GAN!
  • Week 3: Unpaired Translation with CycleGAN
    • Understand how unpaired image-to-image translation differs from paired translation, learn how CycleGAN implements this model using two GANs, and implement a CycleGAN to transform between horses and zebras!