Applied Linguistics

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01: Applied Linguistics02: Introduction to Language03: Structure of Language04: Language and Society05: Multilingualism and Language Learning06: First Language Acquisition07: Second Language Acquisition08: Language and Cognition09: Disabilities10: Cohesion and Coherence11: Behaviorism and Language Teaching12: Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis 13: A Critique of Behaviorism14: Languages of home and school15: Critical Period Hypothesis16: Direct Method17: Audio-lingual Method18: Communicative Method19: Computer Assisted Language Teaching20: Method and Post Method21: Language Learning and Errors22: Contrastive Analysis23: Perspective on Interlanguage24: Materials25: Audio-visual aids26: Assessment27: Cloze Procedure28: Language and Education29: Multilingualism, Language Teaching, and Cognitive Growth30: Social Psychological Aspects of Language Learning31: Aspects of Vocabulary32: Language Policy and Language Teaching33: Linguistics and its Applications34: Application in Development of Social Theory35: Evolution of Language (Linguistic Theory in Applied Linguistics)36: Linguistic Competence Vs. Communicative, Social, and Discourse Competence37: Language in and of Politics38: Questions of Identity and Power