Applied Data Science with R

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Course 1: Introduction to R Programming for Data Science
- Offered by IBM. When working in the data science field you will definitely become acquainted with the R language and the role it plays in ... Enroll for free.

Course 2: SQL for Data Science with R
- Offered by IBM. Much of the world's data resides in databases. SQL (or Structured Query Language) is a powerful language which is used for ... Enroll for free.

Course 3: Data Analysis with R
- Offered by IBM. The R programming language is purpose-built for data analysis. R is the key that opens the door between the problems that ... Enroll for free.

Course 4: Data Visualization with R
- Offered by IBM. In this course, you will learn the Grammar of Graphics, a system for describing and building graphs, and how the ggplot2 ... Enroll for free.

Course 5: Data Science with R - Capstone Project
- Offered by IBM. In this capstone course, you will apply various data science skills and techniques that you have learned as part of the ... Enroll for free.