Applications of Software Architecture for Big Data

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  • Project Overview
    • In this module, we will introduce a project where you can apply some of the concepts from Fundamentals of Software Architecture for Big Data. You will learn about the expectations for the project as well as how to establish features for the project.
  • MVP & Development Environment
    • In this module you will learn about the concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), how to incrementally add features to the MVP. Additionally, we will show you how to get going with a development environment and set up appropriate tests.
  • Affixing Features
    • This module builds upon an MVP created in the previous module. Here we show you how to create a database, populate the database as well as analyze the data in the database. The module ends by elaborating on testing.
  • Scaling your MVP & Wrapping Up
    • Here we add more features to the project inclusive of collaborative messaging. We end things off by building a simple health check for production monitoring and discussing acceptance testing.