Application of Health Equity Research Methods for Practice and Policy

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  • Designing Multi-Level Interventions To Close The Implementation Gap In Health Equity Research
    • This module provides as an introduction to the course. In this module, we discuss designing multi-level interventions to close the implementation gap in health equity research.
  • Using Social Epidemiology Research To Inform Health Equity Interventions
    • In this module, we discuss how social epidemiology can be used to inform the development of health equity interventions.
  • Using Health Services Research Methods to Inform Health Equity Interventions
    • In this module, we discuss the use of health services research methods to inform health equity interventions.
  • Tailoring Assessment and Intervention Materials for Socially At-Risk Populations
    • In this module, we describe how to tailor assessment and intervention materials for socially-at-risk populations. We provide examples of how to adapt materials for populations with limited health literacy and populations with limited English proficiency.
  • Implementing Health Equity Research
    • In this module, we discuss multiple considerations in implementing health equity research. The first is strategies to increase diversity in research participation. The second is hiring and training staff to conduct health equity research.