Application of Digital Health Interventions

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In this course, you’ll learn digital health applications on complex diseases. Based on WHO guidelines, digital health intervention is defined as a discrete functionality of digital technology that is applied to achieve health objectives. We will explore research on the development of digital health. Issues like why digital health is important and how digital health can affect our future will be discussed.

Next, we will focus on the digital application of stress and mental diseases such as insomnia, depression,  and schizophrenia. There are many apps that utilize the Cognitive behavioral therapy module to interact with users. We will try on several apps and webtool and discuss how these tools can help patients change behavior, cognition, or alleviate their pain. In the last week, we will see cases of digital apps studying dementia, and patient care.

While apps related to healthcare spring up in the market for the public, how could we evaluate the efficacy of these apps? We will read a couple of research papers and studying the evaluation form. With the advanced medical technologies and innovations on mobile, how these medical applications can benefit the health system still face many challenges. By completing this course, you will gain a  better understanding of what digital health development is heading toward.

This course is for anyone interested in the psychonology, digital health and mental illness.