API Design and Fundamentals of Google Cloud’s Apigee API Platform

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This course gives you an introductory look at the Apigee API Platform and API Design in general. We'll cover topics such as how to properly navigate through the Apigee Edge UI as well as how to approach API design and ensure industry best practices are followed. We'll also go over the Apigee Technology Stack to ensure a full understanding of all the platform components.

By taking this course, you'll come to have a high level understanding of APIs and will lay the foundation for the more detailed deep dive courses later in the specialization. All supplemental materials will be be provided for offline review. If you ever wanted to learn about Apigee and APIs in general, this is the course for you!


Welcome to Developing APIs with the Google Cloud Platform
-Introduction to the specialization and your instructors.

Module 1 - The Fundamentals of the Apigee API Platform
-A high level overview of the Apigee API Platform and how to use it.

Module 2 - The Basics of APIs
-Overview of the basic concepts of APIs.

Module 3 - Apigee Edge UI Overview
-A walkthrough of the Apigee Edge UI and how to navigate through it.

Module 4 - API Design Concepts
-Fundamental concepts when it comes to the design of an API.

Module 5: Lab Setup and Creating an OpenAPI Spec
-Hands on lab that will allow you to create your own OpenAPI specification in Apigee Edge.