Animal Physiology

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The course will be an informal journey to ‘know your own body’. It will provoke you to think the following:
  • How our body functions?
  • What it is made up of and what are the organizational hierarchy of your body?
  • How its regular function is disrupted and how the body tries to restore its normal functioning?
  • How the body adjusts itself under extreme physiological situations and how it re-calibrates its functions?

INTENDED AUDIENCE :UG and PG students pursuing biology, biotechnology,zoology and bio-engineering

PREREQUISITES :Biology at standard 10th (Secondary school examination)

INDUSTRY SUPPORT :Biomedical industries



Week 1: IntroductionWeek 2: Skeletal systemWeek 3: Neural systemWeek 4: Neural systemWeek 5: Endocrine systemWeek 6: Blood & heartWeek 7: Lymphatic and respiratory systemWeek 8: Digestive systemWeek 9: Urinary system & fluid-electrolyte balanceWeek 10: Reproductive system and extreme physiologyWeek 11: Will be updated soonWeek 12: Will be updated soon