Animal Behaviour and Welfare

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  • Introduction to the Course
    • In this module we'll tell you who we are, what this course is about, how you can use this course to learn more about animal behaviour and welfare, and how you can earn a certificate.
  • What is Animal Welfare and Why Does it Matter?
    • Introduction, History and Concepts of Animal Welfare
  • What We Can Measure We Can Manage
    • Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Assessment
  • The Truth About Dogs and Cats
    • Practical Animal Welfare: Companion Animal Welfare
  • Down on the Farm
    • Practical Animal Welfare: Farm Animal Welfare
  • Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
    • Practical Animal Welfare: Captive Wild Animal Welfare
  • Optional Module: Welfare Conundrums
    • Emotive Animal Welfare Issues