Android Graphics with OpenGL ES

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  • Fundamentals of OpenGL in Android
    • In this first module, we're going to cover the basics of OpenGL in Android. We'll start by outlining the OpenGL Pipeline where you'll learn how OpenGL renders graphics. We'll then look at a programming language used to work with the pipeline called the OpenGL Shading Language. Following this, I'll give a brief overview of OpenGL ES, which is a variant of OpenGL for portable devices. We'll close the module by covering basic primitive types in OpenGL.
  • 2D and 3D Objects
    • This module focuses on the practical implementation of OpenGL in Android. We'll begin by looking at how to draw simple 2D objects, and then look at increasingly complicated 3D objects. We'll also look at using the Index Buffer in OpenGL to optimise the efficiency of our apps. There are two practical exercises within this module to apply your understanding, which I hope you enjoy!
  • Complex 3D objects
    • In this module, we're going to look at more complicated 3D shapes like letters, spheres and arbitrary shapes. There are several practice programming exercises to apply your understanding, and there is also a short quiz at the end.
  • Creating a 3D Logo in OpenGL ES
    • In this final module, you will apply everything you have learned into a summative assignment by creating some 3D Logos.