Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Looker

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  • Introduction to the Course
    • This module introduces the course on Looker for business users and data analysts.
  • Introduction to Looker
    • This module provides an overview of the Looker user interface and its key components for data explorers.
  • Core Analytics Concepts
    • This module reviews the four core analytical concepts for analyzing and visualizing data in Looker.
  • Table Calculations
    • This module reviews how business users and data analysts can use table calculations in Looker to instantenously create new metrics.
  • Looks and Dashboards
    • This module covers how to use Looks and dashboards to share visualizations and results with others.
  • Content Management
    • This module reviews how to manage and organize Looker content using folders and boards, so that content is easily discoverable and accessible by others.
  • Course Summary
    • This module provides a summary of the topics covered in this course.