Analog Electronic Circuits

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Week 1 : Non-linear circuit analysis, diodes, load line concepts, introduction to the MOSFET
Week 2 : DC operating point, biasing the MOSFET, small signal model of the MOSFET,
small signal analysis
Week 3 :Thevenin and Norton models, common source, common gate, common drain Circuits
Week 4 : Source degenerated common source amplifier, cascode and cascaded circuits
Week 5 : Current sources and current mirrors, biasing with current sources, constant gm circuits
Week 6 : Differential amplifiers, common mode and differential mode gains, CMRR, structure of a
complete amplifier
Week 7 : Folded cascode differential amplifier, self-biased active-load differential Amplifier
Week 8 : Feedback: examples of feedback amplifiers, current and voltage sensing, current and voltage
feedback; op-amps and op-amp circuits
Week 9 : High frequency model of the MOSFET, revision of common-gate, common- source, common-drain
circuits; poles and zeros in the transfer function
Week 10: Poles and zeros of cascode amplifier, Miller theorem, phase margin, unity gain bandwidth,
compensation of the cascaded amplifier
Week 11: Voltage regulators, LDOs, stability of regulators, power supply rejection,bandwidth
Week 12: Power amplifiers, audio power amplifier, class-A/class-AB/class-B/class-C; push-pull class-AB power amplifier