Analog Electronic Circuit

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This is a basic analog electronics course. The most important objective for electronic circuits is to build an amplifier. This course will develop the principles behind the design of an amplifier. You should be able to design an operational-amplifier independently well before the end of the course. The course will use MOS devices exclusively. Other analog circuit building blocks such as voltage regulators and power amplifiers will also be discussed
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any Interested LearnersPREREQUISITES: Should know basic circuit analysis
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Texas Instruments, Cypress Semiconductors, Sandisk Technology, Western Digital, STMicroelectronics,
Qualcomm, Freescale Semiconductors, Cadence, Synopsys



Week 1 : Non-linear circuit analysis, diodes, load line concepts, introduction to the MOSFET
Week 2 : DC operating point, biasing the MOSFET, small signal model of the MOSFET,
small signal analysis
Week 3 :Thevenin and Norton models, common source, common gate, common drain Circuits
Week 4 : Source degenerated common source amplifier, cascode and cascaded circuits
Week 5 : Current sources and current mirrors, biasing with current sources, constant gm circuits
Week 6 : Differential amplifiers, common mode and differential mode gains, CMRR, structure of a
complete amplifier
Week 7 : Folded cascode differential amplifier, self-biased active-load differential Amplifier
Week 8 : Feedback: examples of feedback amplifiers, current and voltage sensing, current and voltage
feedback; op-amps and op-amp circuits
Week 9 : High frequency model of the MOSFET, revision of common-gate, common- source, common-drain
circuits; poles and zeros in the transfer function
Week 10: Poles and zeros of cascode amplifier, Miller theorem, phase margin, unity gain bandwidth,
compensation of the cascaded amplifier
Week 11: Voltage regulators, LDOs, stability of regulators, power supply rejection,bandwidth
Week 12: Power amplifiers, audio power amplifier, class-A/class-AB/class-B/class-C; push-pull class-AB power amplifier