Analog Communication

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The course will introduce the participants to the signal representation in both time and frequency domain, basic analog communication techniques like modulation theory, system design for analog modulator and demodulator, random process and noise analysis.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : Electronics and Communication Engineering / Electrical Engineering
PRE-REQUISITES : Familiarity with a Signals and System



Week 1: Introduction to Fourier Series and Fourier Transform (4 hours)Week 2: Energy and Power Spectral Densities (3 hours)Week 3: Modulation Theory (2 hours)Week 4: Amplitude Modulation – AM and DSB-SC (3 hours)Week 5: SSB-SC and VSB (3 hours)Week 6: Angle Modulation – FM, PM (3 hours)Week 7: Sampling Theorem (2 hours)Week 8: Pulse Modulation and PCM (2 Hours)Week 9: Introduction to Random Process (2 Hours)Week 10: Spectral Analysis of Random Process (2 Hours)Week 11: Characteristics of Band-pass noise (2 Hours)Week 12: Performance Analysis of AM, DSB-SC with Noise (2 Hours)