Aluminium based Alloys and Metal Matrix Composites

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Week 1: Introduction to Aluminium and its alloys, Sources and Extraction of Al, Impurities in Al Week 2:Alloy Designations, Different series of Al alloys, Cast alloys, Al-Si alloys, Modification of Al-Si alloys. Week 3:Wrought alloys, Strengthening mechanisms: Solid solution strengthening, Yield point phenomenon, Strain aging Week 4:Dynamic strain aging, Serrated flow Week 5:Alloy tempers, Precipitation hardening Week 6:Heat treatable alloys and their precipitation sequence, Strain hardening Week 7:Recovery and Recrystallization, Dynamic Recrystallization Week 8:Grain refinement, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Nucleation Week 9:Melt inoculation, Grain refinement by melt agitation, Severe plastic deformation Week 10:Processing of Metal Matrix Composites (MMC), Particle wetting and bonding Week 11:Types of MMCs, Rule of mixtures, Shear Lag model Week 12:Mechanical properties of MMCs