Algorithms for DNA Sequencing

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  • DNA sequencing, strings and matching
    • This module we begin our exploration of algorithms for analyzing DNA sequencing data. We'll discuss DNA sequencing technology, its past and present, and how it works.
  • Preprocessing, indexing and approximate matching
    • In this module, we learn useful and flexible new algorithms for solving the exact and approximate matching problems. We'll start by learning Boyer-Moore, a fast and very widely used algorithm for exact matching
  • Edit distance, assembly, overlaps
    • This week we finish our discussion of read alignment by learning about algorithms that solve both the edit distance problem and related biosequence analysis problems, like global and local alignment.
  • Algorithms for assembly
    • In the last module we began our discussion of the assembly problem and we saw a couple basic principles behind it. In this module, we'll learn a few ways to solve the alignment problem.