Aircraft Stability and Control

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Week 1:Overview of aerodynamics and atmosphere,Wing stall and maximum lift coefficient,Wing aerodynamic center & pitching moment,Introduction to static and dynamic stability.

Week 2:Introduction to static and dynamic stability,Wing contribution,Tail contribution,Canard and fuselage contribution.

Week 3:Power plant contribution & its effect on NP,Stick fixed neutral point,Static margin,Stick fixed : maneuvering point.

Week 4:Elevator effectiveness, Elevator angle of trim,Flight measurement of Xnp,Elevator hinge moment,Stick forces (trim tab & stick force gradient),

Week 5:Stick free neutral point,Stick free : maneuvering point,Roll stability and roll control,Yaw stability and yaw control.

Week 6:Newton’s second law of rigid dynamics,Axes system and relevant transforms, Angular motion equations.

Week 7:Aerodynamic forces,Gravitational and thrust forces,Linearized equations of motion,

Week 8:Force and moment derivatives,Force and moment derivatives,Contribution of aircraft components to aerodynamic derivatives,Linear model.

Week 9:Short period approximation,Long period approximation,Pure pitching motion,Flying and handling qualities.

Week 10:Linearized lateral dynamics.Lateral motion :Linearized coupled motion,Roll approximation,Spiral approximation.

Week 11:Dutch roll approximation.Pure rolling.Pure yawing,Inertia coupling.

Week 12:Stability augmentation system: Longitudinal,Stability augmentation system: Lateral.