Aircraft Propulsion

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This course deals with the gas power cycles for aircraft propulsion. Therefore different types of aircraft engines, their parts and their performance parameters are discusses. Then the cycle analysis and its different attachment for improvisation are also focused. Further, different parts of aircraft engines like compressor, turbines, combustor and nozzle are discussed in detail.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Undergraduate students of Aerospace and Mechanical engg. (5th semester onwards) and postgraduate students specializing in the thermofluids/Fluid Mechanics/Automobiles; industry personnel associated with aerospace engineering; faculty members associated with Mechanical /Aerospace engg.PREREQUISITES: Basic UG-level Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics



Week 1: Introduction to Gas turbines and Aircraft PropulsionWeek 2: Aircraft propulsionWeek 3: Ideal and Real cycle analysisWeek 4: Ideal and Real cycle analysisWeek 5: Real cyclesWeek 6: Real cyclesWeek 7: Engine performance and Engine componentsWeek 8: Centrifugal CompressorsWeek 9: Axial CompressorsWeek 10: Axial and Radial TurbinesWeek 11: Turbine cooling methods and Component matchingWeek 12: Blade design and cascade theory