Air Pollution and Control

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Week 1 :Air Pollution: Introduction and Impacts of air pollution on human health, vegetation, animals, building materials, structures, and atmosphere, soil and water bodies.Week 2 :Sources, classification and formation/transformation of air pollutants: Meteorology and Atmospheric Stability.Week 3 : Lapse Rate, Plume Behaviour, and Air Quality Monitoring, Air Quality Index (AQI)Week 4 :Air Quality Modelling, Gaussian dispersion models: point, line and area source modelsWeek 5 : Emissions Inventory: Transport, Industrial, Agricultural, Residential and Commercial sectorsWeek 6 :Application of Remote sensing/Satellite based data in emission inventory, Source apportionment using receptor modelling.Week 7 : Indoor air pollution: sources, types and health impacts. Sampling, assessment and evaluation of Indoor air quality.Week 8 :Global and regional environmental issues of air pollution: Ozone depletion, Climate change, Global warming, Acid rain.Week 9 : Air pollution control devices, equipment and their design.Week 10 : Air pollution emission standards, National and international policies, acts, rules and regulations.Week 11 : Emerging technologies and strategies to mitigate air pollution, Current challenges and way forward.Week 12 :Lab-based measurements of air pollutants.