Agricultural Water Management: Water,-Society and Technology Interactions

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Module 1: Addressing Global Water Issues

This week introduces the concept of agricultural water management in the global context of water and food.

Module 2: Water Demand for Crop Production

In this week, the basics of calculating crop & irrigation water requirements and the relationship with actual field practices of farmers will be explained. Special attention is given to the relationship between climate, crop water requirements and crop types.

Module 3: Agricultural Water Distribution & Technology

In this week, the basics of the technology in agricultural water management will be explained. Special attention is given to the water management needs of different crops, and local conditions.

Module 4: Agricultural Water Management & Governance

In this week, the management and governance dimensions of various irrigation technologies will be explored at various institutional levels.

Module 5: Agricultural Water Management in Morocco –Putting knowledge into action

In this week, technical and social factors will be integrated and used in a final assignment applied to a real-life case study.