Agile Project Management

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  • Fecha Incio:20/03/2023
  • Universidad: Google
  • Profesores: Google Career Certificates
  • Certificado: Si
  • The fundamentals of Agile
    • You will learn how the course is structured and explore the history, approach, and philosophy of Agile project management and Scrum theory. You will also learn why Agile is best suited to industries that are susceptible to change and how to differentiate and blend Agile approaches.
  • Scrum 101
    • You will learn the pillars of Scrum and how they support Scrum values. You will also compare essential Scrum Team roles and examine what makes them effective.
  • Implementing Scrum
    • You will learn how to build and manage a Product Backlog and develop user stories and epics. You will also explore how to set up the five important Scrum events and use tools to plan and visualize sprint workflows and progress.
  • Applying Agile in the organization
    • You will learn to implement Agile’s value-driven delivery strategies and how to define a value roadmap. You will learn strategies to effectively introduce an Agile or Scrum approach to an organization and coach an Agile team. You will also investigate how Agile frameworks have evolved and how to land opportunities in Agile roles.