Agile Practitioner

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In this course you’ll learn about the Agile mindset, methodologies, principles and practices. It is designed by expert practitioners and caters for those who are new to Agile as well as those who have experience in it.

As a learner you will follow two characters, Roman and Maria, on their journey to becoming Agile Pioneers and Champions and bear witness to their challenges, frustrations and successes. Your journey will cover everything from the basics of Agile to detailed application of the methods. An emphasis is placed on how Agile can be practically used with different teams in a range of industry settings.

You’ll be introduced to concepts and content by means of videos, interviews, interactive games and stories. Moderators in the forums will facilitate peer-to-peer discussions to enhance your shared learning. You can test your own understanding with multiple choice questions at the end of each week.

In addition, if you opt for the verified certification, you will get access to expert coaches from Week 2 onwards in dedicated discussion forums; be able to download genuine Rolls-Royce R2 Data Labs Agile templates; take the graded assessment in Week 6; earn CPD accredited points and have the opportunity to join the Rolls-Royce Agile community.

The first 100 learners on the verified track can get a 20% discount using the code R2DLAGILE20 from 7th November 2020. As this is an instructor-led course, content will be available until 18th December 2020. However, if you are pursuing a verified certificate, you will continue to have access to the content and additional benefits beyond this date.