Agile Leadership Capstone

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  • Planning for Personal Transformation
    • In the first module, you will focus on your personal transformation. Your completed Agile Leader Workbook will be your starting point. You will complete the personal transformation section of the roadmap, develop a Product and Sprint Backlog, or, in other words, plan a Sprint.

      Even though this exercise is focused on you, you can easily apply the same steps and planning process to mentoring and coaching situations.
  • Planning for Team Transformation
    • In the second module, you will focus on training your newly formed team you will be leading at Nike on principles of Agile and Scrum. How would you teach someone who has no experience and knowledge about agility, change resiliency, and Scrum?
      In this module, you will prepare for leading this change based on the background information presented in the case study. You will complete the team section of the transformation roadmap, and develop your Product and Sprint Backlog for training your team to become Agile.
      This part of the exercise will give you the experience of planning a transformation of a brand-new-to-Agile team.
  • Planning for Enterprise Transformation
    • In the third module, your goal is to develop a change management plan for advancing Agile within Nike. You will develop your plan based on the information about the company and where it stands on its Agile journey presented in the case study. Needless to say, there are some opportunities, and it’s your job to help capitalize on these opportunities that will propel Nike to the next level of Agile adoption.
      You will complete the last section of the transformation roadmap, and create a 4-5 page transformation plan by applying change management theories and tools you have previously learned.
      You may choose to create a plan for the company you work for, or do both! If you choose to do both, use Nike case study as a practice opportunity.