African cities : An Introduction to Urban Planning

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  • Introduction to African Cities and Urban Planning (Part I)
    • The state of urbanized zones. What are the big issues and challenges? A first approach to urban planning.
  • Introduction to African Cities and Urban Planning (Part 2)
    • Following the first week, we will continue to explore African cities by their issues, the challenges they represent, and the urban models which they are issued.
  • Urban Themes
    • Urban planning relies on tools in order to organize transportation, amenities, spaces, and housing. The result is a channeling of urban forms.
  • Urban Functions
    • Here we will learn to establish subdivisions step by step.
  • Urban Planning and its Tools
    • Cities finance themselves; They require resources which are acquired through diverse means.
  • The Future of Cities, or How to Plan?
    • Combating climate change and changing our manners of making the city
  • Tool and Methods
    • Governing contemporary African cities
  • The Actions of Operational Urbanism : Subdivisions
    • The zones which are the most important in contemporary African cities are subdivisions, so we will dedicate an entire week covering it.
  • The Actions of Operational Urbanism: Restructuring and Urban Projects
    • This week, we will plunge into the heart of precarious zones in trying to understand their role in the city.
  • The Costs and Funding of Cities
    • Financing of the city, addressing, and land registry
  • Governance: Which Partnerships?
    • This week will be composed of a first part dealing with methodology and a second part on urban governance.
  • Conclusions
    • Measuring the real impact of planning on urban functions; Synthesis and reminders; Conclusions