Advertising with Meta

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  • First Steps in Ads Manager
    • In this first week, you’ll learn how advertising on Facebook and Instagram with Ads Manager works. You’ll learn how to structure an ad campaign in Ads Manager and you’ll learn how Meta charges for ads and where ads are shown.
  • Determine Your Campaign Objective and Budget
    • In the second week of this course, you’ll learn how to match your marketing goals to the right campaign objective. You’ll also learn how to determine the budget for your campaign and how to set your budget and choose your bidding strategies in Ads Manager.
  • Select Your Audience, Platforms and Schedule
    • In this week, you’ll learn how to select the audience for your ad campaign and how to use the Meta pixel to create custom or lookalike audiences. You’ll also learn how to choose placements and schedule your ads in Ads Manager.
  • Create Your Ads and Evaluate Your Campaign Results
    • This week, you’ll learn how to create your ads, including selecting images or videos and creating the accompanying copy. You’ll also learn how to evaluate your campaign results in Ads Manager.
  • Build Your Own Campaign in Ads Manager
    • Finally, you’ll learn to build your own campaign in Meta Ads Manager in a hands-on project.