Advertising and Brand Management

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W1_M1_An Introduction to Advertising W1_M2_Milestones in Development of Modern Advertising W2_M3_Classification & Types of Advertising - Advertising Spiral W2_M4_Social & Economic Aspects of Advertising Marketing Communication Model - AIDA W3_M5_Advertising Communication Models – Dagmar, Hierarchy of Effect, Innovation Adoption Model andInformation Processing Model W3_M6_Planning Framework of Promotional Strategy W4_M7_How Advertising Works (Part-1) W4_M8_How Advertising Works (Part-2) W4_M9_How Advertising Works (Part-3) W5_M10_How Advertising Works (Part-4) W5_M11_How Advertising Works (Part-5) W5_M12_How Advertising Works (Part-6) W6_M13_Broadcast and Non-Broadcast Media W6_M14_Budgeting Decision Rulein Media Planning and Scheduling W6_M15_Objective to Task Method and Competitive Parity Methods in Media Planning and Scheduling W7_M16_Factors Influencing Media Planning- Class, Vehicle & Option W7_M17_Media Scheduling: Flighting, Pulsing and Continuous W7_M18_Contemporary Trends in Media W8_M19_Management of Sales Promotion: Importance and Needs for Sales Promotion W8_M20_Planning for Consumer Schemes and Contests, Different types of Consumer Schemes W8_M21_Sales Promotion in International Market W9_M22_The Concept of Product, Brand & Branding W9_M23_Brand Evaluation, Branding Challenges and Opportunities W9_M24_Strategic Brand Management Process W10_M25_Identifying and Establishing Brand Positioning and Values W10_M26_Brand Building - Developing a Brand W10_M27_Designing and Implementing Brand Strategies W11_M28_Sustaining the Brand W11_M29_Managing Brands Overtime W11_M30_Integrating Advertising and Brand Management W12_Examination