Advances in UHV Transmission and Distribution

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Module 1 : Introduction to the development of Power Transmission. Module 2 : Recent advances in UHV power transmission systems; present status and future growth.
Module 3 : General Design Criteria for overhead transmission lines: Methodologies,reliability, wind/ice loading etcModule 4 : Major Components of HV transmission systems, types of conductor configurations conductor accessories/clamps etc.
Module 5 : Towers for UHV transmission: calculations of clearances for power frequency, switching and lightning surges, right of way(ROW)etc.Module 6 : Selection of insulators for light, medium and heavy polluted areas Module 7 : Up-gradation of existing transmission linesModule 8 : Design consideration of UHV substations, Comparison of AIS, Hybrid-AIS and GIS electric and magnetic fields. Module 9 : Insulation coordination for UHV systems Module 10 : Earthling and safety measures for UHV substation