Advanced TestNG Framework and Integration with Selenium

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TestNG stands for Test Next Generation is a testing framework that provides the developer the ability to write more flexible and powerful tests with help of easy annotations, grouping, sequencing & parametrizing.

It can easily be integrated with automation tools like Selenium and is widely used by automation test experts to write functional tests.

In this one-hour guided project through hands-on, practical exercises, you will learn advanced concepts like executing test cases using TestNG XML file, grouping test cases, and performing data-driven testing.

In this project, you will learn -

Executing TestNG test cases using TestNG XML file

Order of execution of methods via TestNG annotations

Executing test cases of multiple classes via TestNG XML file

Executing test cases of all the classes of a package

Grouping test cases and executing them via TestNG XML file

Parameterizing test methods using @Paramters annotation

Parallel execution of test cases on multiple browsers using TestNG

Data-Driven testing using Data Provider