Advanced Speaking and Listening Project

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  • Introduction
    • In this capstone, learners will create and present an effective, well-organized speech in a comprehensible manner on a topic in an academic field of the learner's choice. The speech will be presented via asynchronous video. You must be able to record yourself and share your video.
  • The Interviews
    • This week, you will do some interviews to help inform you about the topic you are presenting on. You will write some questions and talk to several people in the related field of study. You'll then compile the data from the interviews and use it effectively in your presentation.
  • The Plan
    • After you interview several people, look at your notes and find some details to include in your presentation. These outside perspectives will give weight to your assumptions and show that you are knowledgeable about the topic. Write an outline of your presentation and find some pictures to accompany your words.
  • Create a PowerPoint or Other Visuals
    • Last week, you should have gathered some images you want to use in your presentation. This week, you'll put those together into an attractive presentation format. PowerPoint is very common, but you can be creative and come up with something else that you think looks good.
  • Practice Presenting
    • This week, you should finish preparing and start practicing your presentation. Practice first without the camera. Get used to the words you want to say. Practice your timing with the visuals you'll be using. Then also practice doing the presentation with the camera. Before you record the whole presentation, do a short part of it and check the quality. Fix any problems this week before you do the final recording.
  • Submit Your Project
    • This week, you'll finish recording and editing your presentation video and submit it for grading. After you've practiced several times and checked the quality of the recordings, record the final video. Make sure you listen to the whole video before you submit so you can catch and correct any mistakes before it's too late.