Advanced Soil Mechanics

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This course intends to bridge the basic soil mechanics concepts with the advanced topics related to stresses and soil strength. In the process, it will help to reinforce the understanding gained during the undergraduate learning and would help to alleviate any misconceptions related to the stress-strain response and strength behaviour of soils. Not all the concepts explained in this course are advanced, but attempts to add clarity to the knowledge gained at undergraduate level. This course is ideal for the orientation of geotechnical engineering post-graduate students and final year undergraduate students to the higher realms of geomechanical characteristics of soils. The course will help to appreciate the basic concepts of continuum mechanics, which is a pre-requisite for research in geomechanics. Even though the name is advanced, the course is introductory in nature when it deals with the advanced topics. It may be noted that this course do not deal with the other soil characteristics, namely flow characteristics and compressibility.
Undergraduate students in Civil Engineering, Postgraduate and Ph. D. students in geotechnical engineeringPREREQUISITES : Nil for PG. For UG, geotechnical engineering basic courses need to be done before this course.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Basic civil engineering infrastructural companies.