Advanced Probability Theory

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The course introduces the concept of probability through Kolmogorov’s Axioms. It develops the concept of probability density function, cumulative distribution function, and introduces the concept of a random variable. Different theoretical probability distributions, both discrete and continuous are introduced, and their properties are studied. Different generating functions, viz. MGF, PGF, and characteristic functions of different variables are discussed. It also introduces functions of one or two random variables, and derived random variables, such as t, chisq, F are studied in details. The concept of Order Statistics is introduced, and derivation of distribution of range, median etc. are discussed. Different limit theorems are discussed in detail.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Undergraduate and postgraduate students in statistics, mathematics, and Machine learningPREREQUISITES : Basics of Real Analysis, Functions of two variables, Convergence of a function.INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Most Financial companies