Advanced Models for Decision Making

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  • Module 1: LPs for Financial Decisions
    • In this module we will look at examples illustrating the application of linear optimization in finance. In particular, we will learn to formulate problems in investment portfolio optimization and multi-period cash flow management.
  • Module 2: LP for Supply Chain Decisions
    • This module explores the use of linear optimization in supply chain decisions, particularly in the context of inventory transportation or logistics problems as well as in production and inventory management.
  • Module 3: LP for Staffing Decisions
    • This module explores how human resource managers can use optimization as a prescriptive analytics tool to plan staff schedules, room allocation, and workforce size management.
  • Module 4: LP for Production Decisions
    • Linear optimization plays an important role in the decision making process in the manufacturing sector. This module explores how optimization can be used to prescribe product mix and blending decisions.