Advanced Microwave Guided-Structures and Analysis

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Week-1: Scattering Matrix Concepts
Week-2: Instantaneous form of Maxwell’s equations : Differential and Integral forms, Generalized Current Concept, Poynting Vector and Conservation of Power Week-3: Time Harmonic form of Maxwell’s equations : Poynting Vector and Conservation of Power
Week-4:Wave Equation and Solution, Relation between Wavenumbers in a Homogeneous Medium, Radiation from an Electric Current Source in a Homogeneous Medium Week-5:Radiation from a Magnetic Current Source in aHomogeneous Medium and its application to the Green'sfunction computation for electromagnetic field problems
Week-6:Rectangular Waveguide I : Solution to the TM to z and TE to z Modes from the z-directed Magnetic and Electric Vector Potentials, Potential Functions in the Rectangular Waveguide, Cut-off Frequency, Dominant Mode, Propagation and Attenuation Constants Week-7: Rectangular Waveguide II : Characteristic Impedances of TE to z and TM to z Modes, Computation of Power Flow, Computation of Power Dissipation on Waveguide Walls Week-8: Rectangular Cavity Resonator : Potential Functions of TM and TE modes for the Cavity, Resonant Frequency, Field Computation in the Cavity, Computation of Stored Energy and Quality Factor. Week-9: The Reciprocity Theorem, Computation of Amplitudes of Forward and Backward Propagating Waves for Electric and Magnetic Current Sources in the Waveguide
Week-10: Analysis of Guided Structures : Partially-Filled Rectangular Waveguide, Dielectric Slab Guide, Non-Radiating Dielectric Guides
Week-11: Cylindrical Wave Functions, TE and TM modes in Circular Waveguides : Potential Functions in the Circular Waveguide, Cut-off Frequency, Propagation Constant, Circular Cavity
Week-12: Application to the Coupling Problem : Aperture-Coupled, Probe-Coupled and Waveguide Coupled structures.