Advanced Microbiology

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Week1 Module 1:Morphology, Disease and Holmes Classification. Module 2:Classification of viruses-I Module 3:Classification of viruses II   Week 2 Module 4: Classification of fungi: Classical Concept -I Module 5: Classification of fungi: Classical Concept -II Module 6: Modern Classification of fungi: Modern Concept - I

Week 3 Module 7:Classification of fungi: Modern Concept - II Module 8:Classification of fungi: Modern Concept - III
Module 9:Classification of yeast-I   Week 4 Module 10:Classification of yeast-II Module 11: Application of microbes Module 12:Antibiotics: The secondary Metabolites   Week 5 Module 13:Role of Staphylococcus in infection Module 14:Nitrogen fixation & Role of Nif and Nod genes. Module15:Microbiology & Human Health

Week 6 Module 16: Bacterial Diseases Module 17.The pathogenesis of Vibrio cholerae Module 18: Introduction to Salmonella

Week 7 Module 19: Preparation of Culture Media: Liquid Medium Module 20: Preparation of Culture Media: Solid Medium
Module 21: Sterilization Techniques (Practical)   Week 8
Module 22: Isolation of single colony on solid media (Practical) Module 23:Enumeration of bacterial numbers by serial dilution & plating (Practical) Module 24:Measurement of fungal bio-mass   Week 9 Module 25: Animal Handling (Practical) Module 26:Staphylococcus aureus Module 27:Isolation of protozoa from soil

Week 10 Module 28:Antibiotic sensitivity assay: natural products Module 29: Preparation of culture media for pathogenic bacteria – part 1 Module 30: Preparation of culture media for pathogenic bacteria – part 2   Week 11 Module 31:Albert and Giemsa Staining Module 32:Determination of Growth Phase of E. coli by Measurement of OD & cfu

Week 12 Module 33:Preparation of Buffer Solution