Advanced Materials and Processes

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Introduction and classification of structural and functional materials; High Temperature Materials: Structure, Processing, mechanical behaviour and oxidation resistance of Stainless Steels, Ni- and Co- Based Superalloys, Aluminides and Silicides, Carbon-Carbon and Ceramic Composites; Shape-Memory Alloys: Mechanisms of One-way and Two-way Shape Memory Effect, Reverse Transformation, Thermoelasticity and Psuedoelasticity, Examples and Applications; Bulk Metallic Glass: Criteria for glass formation and stability, Examples and mechanical behaviour; Nano-materials: Classification, size effect on structural and functional properties, Processing and properties of nanocrystalline materials, thin films and multilayered coatings, single walled and multiwalled carbon nanotubes; Soft and hard magnetic materials for storage devices: Design and Processing; Piezoelectric Materials: Processing and Properties; Advanced Processes applied for Advanced Materials: Single Crystal Growth, Rapid Solidification, Inert Gas Condensation, Physical and Chemical Vapour Deposition of Thin Films

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Metallurgical & Materials Engineering; Materials Science; PhysicsPREREQUISITES : Physical Metallurgy, Mechanical Metallurgy, Phase transformation, Solidification Processing



Week 1 : Introduction to metastable and functional alloys
Week 2 : Bulk Metallic glasses Part I: Fundamental concepts
Week 3 : Bulk Metallic glasses Part II: Mechanical and Functional properties
Week 4 : Shape memory alloys and Pseduelasticity
Week 5 : Shape memory alloys: Applications and case studies
Week 6 : Introduction to high temperature materials
Week 7 : Superalloys: Alloy design, Microstructure and Properties
Week 8 : Nano-materials Part I
Week 9 : Nano-materials Part II
Week 10 : Soft and hard magnetic materials
Week 11 : Non-equilibrium Processes, Single Crystal Growth, Rapid Solidification, Inert Gas Condensation
Week 12 : Advanced Functional Alloys