Advanced Instructional Methods

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Week 1: Module 1: Introduction to Advanced Instructional Methods
  • Lesson 1.1.Need of Advanced Instructional methods
  • Lesson 1.2.Basic concepts of individualized learning
  • Lesson 1.3.Overview of small group learning and Techniques
  • Lesson 1.4.Self-Learning

Week 2: Module 2: Classroom Based Small Group Methods using Creativity Techniques)
  • Lesson 2.1.Overview of creativity techniques
  • Lesson 2.2.Brainstorming and Nominal Group Technique
  • Lesson 2.3.Force field analysis
  • Lesson 2.4.Mind mapping, Delphi and six thinking Hats
  • Lesson 2.5.Buzz group and In-basket
  • Lesson 2.6.Focus group discussion

Week 3: Module 3: Small Group methods (Classroom Based) for higher cognitive and affective Domain
  • Lesson 3.1.Problem Based Learning
  • Lesson 3.2.Panel discussion
  • Lesson 3.3.Group Discussion
  • Lesson 3.4.Taxonomy of Discussion Groups
  • Lesson 3.5.Case Study Method: Concept and Process
  • Lesson 3.6.Writing a Case Study
  • Lesson 3.7.Role Play Method: Concept and Process
  • Lesson 3.8.Developing Scenario for Role Play

Week 4: Module 4 : ICT based Methods and Selection of Advanced Instructional methods
  • Lesson 4.1.ICT Based Techniques to enhance Learning
  • Lesson 4.2.ICT Based Methods
  • Lesson 4.3.Selection of Advanced Instructional Methods