Advanced Grammar & Punctuation Project

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  • Introduction
    • This project will help you process and review the grammar and punctuation you've learned and help you remember it forever. To get started, you'll review the grammar and punctuation that you've been learning and create a graphic organizer.
  • Start the Project
    • This week, you will start planning your videos and thinking about the grammar that you want to use. Then you'll write the first script and submit it for feedback. Get ready to be creative!
  • Keep Writing
    • This week, you will write your second script and submit it for feedback on it. Try to think of a different plot and use different grammar points. Then spend some time trying out different equipment and software that you could use to create your videos.
  • Practice and Start Recording
    • You should be finished writing your scripts. Now, you should start recording your first video. Working with technology takes more time than you might expect, so don't get behind.
  • Finish Recording Your Videos
    • This week, you should be getting close to finishing the project. Keep working on it. You need to finish the second video by next week. As you work this week, reflect on what you have learned in this specialization.
  • Finish Your Videos and Submit Your Project
    • Good job making it to the final week! This week, you'll finish your videos and submit them for feedback and grading. Be sure to edit and check them carefully before you submit it.