Advanced Geomatics Engineering

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1. Introduction: Introduction of Geomatics Engineering and its various applications 2. Photogrammetry: aerial and terrestrial, types and geometry of aerial photograph, scale and flying height, relief (elevation) displacement, parallax, stereo-pair and stereovision, stereoscopes, 3D mapping, DEM, DSM & DTM, height determination, digital photogrammetry, photogrammetric mapping, applications of photogrammetry. 3. Remote Sensing: Basic/ Ideal remote sensing, interaction mechanism with atmospheric and earth surface, atmospheric windows, multi concept of remote sensing, spectral signatures, various platforms and sensors, various remote sensing data products, optical, thermal, microwave and hyperspectral images, visual data interpretation 4. GPS surveying: Principles and methods, applications, DGPS, error in observations and corrections. 5. UAV: Introduction, components, data collection, data types, data analysis software, applications in civil engineering 6. LiDAR: Basic principles, terrestrial and airborne LiDAR, data collection techniques, point cloud generation, analysis of data, 3D mapping. 7. Digital Image Processing: Digital image, introduction to digital image processing, preprocessing, enhancement, transformation, indies, image classification for mapping, accuracy assessment. 8. GIS: Introduction of geographic information system, vector and raster data, database creation, parameterization from DEM, buffering and overlay analysis, spatial analysis in GIS, applications. 9. Applications: Applications of Geomatics Engineering tools in various engineering projects.