Advanced Dynamics

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Week 1:Coordinate systems, Kinematics of particles, rotating frames, relative motion
Week 2:Kinetics of particles, cyclonic circulation, Foucault pendulum Week 3:Integrals of Newton’s second law, angular momentum, conservation laws
Week 4:Impact, Newton’s law of gravitation and tidal dynamics Week 5:Systems with variable mass, systems with flow Week 6:Dynamics of rigid bodies, Newton-Euler equations
Week 7:Dynamics of tops, gyroscopes and boomerangs
Week 8:Rotation matrix and its parametrization, geometry of rotation
Week 9:Introduction to analytical dynamics, configuration space, constraints, generalized coordinates and forces
Week 10:Hamilton’s principle, Lagrange’s equation of motion, constraint forces
Week 11:Generalized momentum, cyclic coordinates and conservation laws
Week 12:Symmetry and Noether’s theorem, Hamiltonian and its conservation