Advanced Cyber Security Training: Network Security

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Understand the importance of network security

Cyber attacks on your business or home network can have devastating results. This four-week course will give you the knowledge and skills to identify and prevent these attacks, as well as helping you increase your network security.

Using a practical approach to cyber security, you’ll learn how to deal with the growing problem of network attacks and understand how malicious hackers could break into your network.

Learn how to identify types of network attacks

On this course, you’ll build your understanding of network security and how to deal with disaster recovery, should a network attack happen.

You’ll start with an introductionto the different types of attackers and network attacks that occur, including phishing, spear phishing, DDOS, and ransomware.

You’ll also learn vital techniques to help you recover from an attack.

Conduct threat assessment scanning and learn how to use security tools

Having understood the theory of network attacks, you’ll use a hands-on approach to strengthen your knowledge.

You’ll discover and use the tools needed to conduct threat assessment scanning including Nmap, Spiderfoot, OpenVas and Nessus.

You’ll also understand how to carry out a penetration test using ExploitDB.

Learn how to use OSINT and how to secure your network

Using OSINT tools (open-source intelligence), you’ll learn how to gather intelligence on the attacker, allowing you to narrow down potential vulnerabilities and understand how hackers recon your network.

These transferable cyber security skills can then be used to increase the security in your network, making it a harder target for potential attackers.

This course offers a comprehensive guide to network security with video walk-throughs, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

You don’t need any prior knowledge to join.