Advanced Capstone Spacecraft Dynamics and Control Project

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  • Introduction to the Capstone Project
    • Welcome to the capstone project of the course sequence on advanced spacecraft dynamics and control.
  • 3D Spacecraft Hub-Panel System
    • In this lesson we study a spacecraft system that contains a rigid hub with a hinged solar panel. Here the hub and panel center of mass locations are free to move relative to the spacecraft system center of mass. Fundamental properties of the dynamical description are derived.
  • Planar Rotation Control using Bang-Bang and Filtered Control Solutions
    • In this module we develop the differential equations of motion of the hub-panel spacecraft system that is constrained to rotate about a single axis. Two different open-loop torque solutions are applied to reorient the spacecraft from rest to a new stationary attitude. The impact of filtering a classical bang-bang control solution is investigated by apply a first-order low-pass filter to the control input.