Advanced Atmospheric Physics

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Week 1:Atmospheric dynamics, Apparent forces, effective gravity, Coriolis force, pressure gradient force, gradient wind
Week 2:Thermal wind, continuity equation, perturbation theory and atmospheric waves
Week 3:Sound waves, gravity waves and Rossby waves, Momentum and energy transports by waves in the horizontal and the vertical
Week 4:Atmospheric instabilities, Atmospheric instabilities, dynamical instabilities, barotropic instability,
Week 5:baroclinic inertial instability, Necessary condition of barotropic and baroclinic instability.
Week 6:Combined barotropic and baroclinic instability. Kelvin-Helmholtz instability
Week 7:Ionosphere: Formation of Ionosphere, Chemical processes, Ionospheric conductivity
Week 8:Planetary ionospheres, Ionospheric exploration using rockets and satellites
Week 9:Langmuir probe, temperature measurements, airglow and aurora, radio wave propagation in the ionosphere.
Week 10:Magnetosphere: Earth as a magnet, solar wind, types and theory of solar wind
Week 11:Frozen-in magnetic field, interaction of solar wind with Earth’s magnetic field and formation of magnetosphere, single particle motion in in homogeneous electric and magnetic fields
Week 12:Inter planetary magnetic field (IMF), geomagnetic storms, van-allen radiation belts, plasmasphere, coronal holes, CMEs, satellite observations of various plasma domains and plasma instabilities.