Advanced AI Techniques for the Supply Chain

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  • Machine Learning in the Supply Chain
    • In this module, we'll learn about the use cases of machine learning in the supply chain. We'll start with the big picture applications before diving deeper into specific algorithms, including neural networks. Throughout the module, we'll explain not only the general artificial intelligence concepts and mathematics, but also how these algorithms can specifically be used for the supply chain.
  • A Classical AI Approach
    • In this module, we'll cover the concepts relating to the ML paradigm. We'll start by learning how to pick a model, relying on considerations such as managing the bias-variance tradeoff. Next, we'll explore how machine learning models converge, including the use of stochastic gradient descent to minimize loss functions. Finally, we'll end with some practical considerations on coding advanced AI models with libraries for hyperparamter tuning.
  • Images and Text
    • In this module, we'll expand beyond numbers and learn how to use machine learning on images and text. We'll start by talking about how to analyze text data and cover the primary methods behind natural language processing. Then, we'll learn how to analyze images by constructing convolutional neural networks complete with convolutions and pooling layers.
  • Final Project: Detecting Anomalies with Image Classification
    • In this final project, we’ll apply what we learned in the last module to classify images of products based on whether there is a defect or not.