Adobe After Effects CC : Logo Animation with Motion Graphics

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  • Fecha Incio:07/06/2022
  • Universidad: Waseda University
  • Profesores: Sunny Heera
  • Certificado: No
  • An Overview of the Course
  • Introduction to Adobe After Effects CC
  • Importing Files, Masking Out the Logo and Adding a Vignette
  • Adding CC Particle World and an Intro to Expressions
  • Creating a Path for CC Particle World
  • Editing the Particles and Bounce
  • Creating the Rest of the Triangle with Particles
  • Revealing the Borders with a Lens Flaire
  • Speed Run and Finishing the Rest of the Borders
  • Subtle Second Reveal
  • Write-On Effect
  • Adding in a Camera and a Shimmer Effect
  • Rendering and Exporting