Additive Manufacturing

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  • What is Additive Manufacturing?
    • Welcome to Additive Manufacturing! This week, you'll learn the basics behind this technology and will be able to describe the applications and and uses for additive manufacturing within a manufacturing setting.
  • Business Context of Additive Manufacturing
    • In our second week, we will learn about the economic trade offs of additive manufacturing, the partners that form the AM ecosystem, and the business context/advantages of additive manufacturing. We'll also review risks and challenges surrounding this technology.
  • Future Trend, Course Summary, and Series Conclusion
    • In our final week, you'll learn about future trends in additive manufacturing and spend time working through a case project for your final assessment. And as the final course in the specialization, Dr. Krishnan will provide insights from all 3 courses in the specialization, and discuss the business and social implications of applying these technologies.