Active Listening: How to Be an Effective Communicator

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Develop your communication skills

Active listening allows you to listen to what you’re being told with an intentional effort to understand the point of view of others, without any judgement. It’s a crucial first step to help you become a good communicator.

On this one-week course, you’ll explore the different types of listening and gain key active listening skills. You’ll be able to use your skills in the workplace to unlock your team’s potential and supercharge your business, or to communicate more effectively in your personal life.

You can complete this CQ Original short course in just a few hours, meaning you can start implementing these techniques immediately.

Delve into types of listening such as passive listening

On the course, you’ll explore the different listening styles to learn how to distinguish between active listening, passive listening, competitive listening, and selective listening.

With this knowledge, you’ll discover how active listening is your ace card in your communication skills, ensuring you can set the tone for the entire conversation.

Understand how listening styles can unlock skills in the workplace

With an understanding of listening styles, you’ll learn how this can lead to developing skills in your team.

You’ll learn how everyone can pay attention, absorb the information given to them, and critically think. This means no more repetition, no more misunderstanding, and no more wasted time or money.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to make your organisation a place of effective communication.

This course is designed for anyone interested in developing their communication skills.

It will be particularly useful for managers of teams who want to enhance communication in the organisation.

Effective communication skills are the superpower of the 21st Century. Thrilled to see BoxPlay tackle them.

Derek McGrath New Product and Service Value Stream Lead at The Dock

The active listening course was particularly good. I found so many nuggets on how communication impacts others. I also loved the flexibility across devices which means you can complete on the go!

Sita Toolan, Accenture Senior Innovation Lead